Albany Public Library (APL) announces a new initiative, Creative Curbsides, which will provide local artists an opportunity to propose site-specific public artworks at two of its most frequented branches at a time when the libraries are meeting a large demand for curbside pickup. Creative Curbsides will create bright, colorful art installations in the  front-facing windows of the libraries to greet users as they adapt to using the library in a whole new way. Creative Curbsides is part of APL’s partnership with Opalka Gallery and the Friends and Foundation of Albany Public Library‘s Art at APL program.

Creative Curbsides seeks proposals for original public artworks for the windows at two APL branches: Bach and Arbor Hill/West Hill. All artists are welcome to apply; BIPOC artists and artists who reside in Albany are encouraged. Artists, designers, studios, and artist teams may submit multiple concepts.

We will choose two artists/artist teams, one for each branch. Ideal proposals will creatively  utilize the large windows and interact with the window shape and architecture of the building to create site-specific installations to be enjoyed by library patrons, neighborhood residents, and pedestrians.

Artists may propose to use/transform the outside or inside of the windows, but may not drill holes in any part of the exterior of the buildings. Washable paint, paper, textiles, vinyl cling, screens, sculptures hung behind windows or displayed on the window sills that divide each pane of glass, and other creative ways of interacting with the windows is encouraged. Proposals should avoid political messages and be suitable for a general, all-age public. Successful proposals will be beautiful, bright, cheery and/or hopeful.

Installation must take place in November 2020 and be completed by November 29th.

Site Details

  • Bach Branch location: 455 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY 12208

  • Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch location: 148 Henry Johnson Ave., Albany, NY 12210

  • Photos and dimensions for both branches can be found here.

  • The windows at each branch have a 5.5” interior sill that can be considered, for objects

  • At Bach, the installation cannot entirely block the sunlight that comes through the window. Approximately 30-50% of the window should be left unaltered or should be covered by transparent or semi-transparent material.

  • At Arbor Hill, library staff must be able to retain sight lines to the street, therefore approximately 50% of windows below 7’ should be left unaltered or should be covered by transparent material. Windows above 7’ can be fully covered.

  • Again, artists may propose to use/transform the outside OR inside of windows, but may not drill holes in any part of the exterior of the buildings. Inside, drywall screws, nails, command strips/hooks, and other, typical installation hardware will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Application Deadline

Initial applications are due at or before 11:59pm on November 1, 2020 in the form of a SINGLE PDF emailed to [email protected]

An Open House for interested artists is scheduled at each branch. Curators and library representatives will be on-site to answer questions.

Bach Branch, 455 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY 12208 on Wednesday, Oct. 28, from 5:00-6:00pm

Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch, 148 Henry Johnson Boulevard, Albany, NY 12210 on Thursday, Oct. 29 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Applicants are not required to attend, but strongly encouraged.

 If you are submitting multiple proposals, please send each in a separate PDF document.

 Applications should include:

  • Artist’s resume (listing all public art projects/site-specific installations)

  • 5 to 10 representative digital images of your work. Please include dimensions, medium and year of completion.

  • A written proposal (750 words max) stating which branch you are proposing to work, with imagery to demonstrate your concept for the space. If possible, please include a to-scale rendering of your proposed artwork. Photos and dimensions for each branch can be accessed at these links: Bach Branch and Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch.

  • A brief description (150 words max) stating your plan and projected timeline for installation. Specifics about hardware, materials, medium, etc. is required. If a ladder, scaffold or lift is needed, please note it here.

  • A brief description (150 words max) about your proposed artwork’s durability and need for ongoing maintenance. If proposing an outdoor installation, please address UV, weather, wind, tampering, vandalism, etc.

  • As per site details above, please estimate the amount of window your proposed artwork will cover and if the proposed work will be fully opaque, semi-transparent, or transparent.

 Evaluation Process

The selection committee will judge proposals on the following criteria:

  • Quality, originality, and appeal of the concept,

  • Feasibility within timeframe and budget,

  • Concept’s appropriateness for the site, and

  • Artist’s proven capacity for timely completion of the project.


Chosen artists/artist teams will receive a $1,500 stipend which includes artists fee, materials, sundries, travel and any other incidentals. This award is not negotiable.

Notification of Award

  Finalists will be announced at the beginning of November.

             For more information please email [email protected].

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful submissions.

We are eager to find the right partner for these projects!