IN-FAUX-STRUCTURE, opening in August 2019

Guest Curated by artists Madison LaVallee, Julie Casper Roth, and Melissa Sarris

Roads. Pipes. Wires. Bureaucracies. These words describe infrastructure.

In-faux-structure, an ambitious indoor/outdoor exhibition scheduled for August – October 2019, will investigate gender and identity as they relate to infrastructure. Who makes decisions related to infrastructure? Who is responsible for the labor? Who designs it?  

Artists were invited consider their definitions of infrastructure, how it can be improved, who it serves, who it doesn’t serve, and who is left out altogether. The artists we’ve assembled, whether working collaboratively with other artists, makers, and non-artists or working solo, all deal with concepts around infrastructure and its various meanings and manifestations.

The title In-faux-structure refers to false or erroneous meaning related to infrastructure, the ephemeral nature of building materials, and other ambiguities related to physical and social systems and their creation.